Attraction marketing is a consistent way of building your customer base. Determined not to come across as “another tone-deaf bank”, Starling Bank decided to bring substance and consumer-first thinking together to show it is taking business seriously. Many of the advertisers switching to Real Attribution were working or … You have full control over the eCPC’s that you assign to specific categories, positions or channels to value them as you wish.

affiliate attribution model

For a diverse, complex marketing channel that is defined by its commercial model, rather than its broad scope of activity, this adds a layer of work that requires time and investment. Advertisers also need to contribute, layering their post-transaction data with that of affiliates. With the increase in digital activity and data surrounding the customer’s journey this decision sure has become more challenging. The report shows that your business name is performing very well in your campaign.

What you can gain with raw data

It’s crucial to understand that it’s not enough for the advertiser to just launch on the network itself. Finally, the affiliate network gets its income from the commission the publisher makes. To add more weight to the problem, when affiliate marketing comes into play, measuring multi-channel attribution gets even trickier. You need to know which publisher actually closes the transaction or is responsible for the first contact that initiated the entire clickstream. The internet was supposed to make content monetization easier, more trackable and performance-driven.

affiliate attribution model

It’s not that it is unimportant, on the contrary it is pivotal if we are to better understand the work we all do. The problem is that the typical framing of the conversation around attribution does such a disservice to our industry. Time decay attribution is applied subjectively and does not consider the relative effectiveness of each channel in the customer journey. While it is arguably logical to reserve credit for your most valued player, their contribution might not have occurred without the others. It is easy to track and requires little thought or advanced technology. Even better, it is built in to just about every web analytic tool, so implementation is a breeze.

So what about the real conversions and revenue that were driven by Awin?

But when they arrive at google.shoppers they learn about your offer and go to your webshop to buy the product. Moreover, you can observe in an affiliate network 1000 sales on a monthly basis, yet you check GA data and notice only 300 purchases because they were assigned to the last click. However, in the remaining 700 the affiliate had a role in the conversion but didn’t close the deals. Lennart explains that the affiliate network attributes the sale by a general rule of thumb to a publisher based on a 30-day cookie window. For instance, a publisher records a click on the first day, but on the 29th day a brand-name Google Ads campaign records the sale.

10 years already to track the marketing efficiency of its affiliates and offer a fair remuneration to its affiliate partners. The biggest challenge for multi-touch models is the ability to identify, match and track the various touchpoints during the entire customer journey. Today, almost all marketing attribution solutions are able to track and analyze cross-channel customer journeys on the same device based on 1st party user data. However, it is very hard or even impossible to track and attribute cross-device touchpoints or customer touchpoints with offline channels accurately. Multi-touch attribution has the advantage that affiliates across the entire customer journey receive their share of the commission, i.e. are paid fairly and in accordance to their conversion contribution. For the advertiser, multi-touch models allow a more holistic picture of the performance of the marketing channels, which helps to improve the overall marketing efficiency and allocate budgets accordingly.

Why Starling Bank decided to ‘reinvent’ B2B marketing

Path position attribution ignores patterns in customer behavior and instead assigns an arbitrary value to each marketing event. It puts some marketers at risk of over or underpaying partners because it does not account for changes in their level of contribution. Choosing to reward that activity above all else makes sense for some business models. Lack of gratification for publishers initiating and assisting in the sale paths limits their activity in your partner program. First click attribution is useful for figuring out how customers original found your product, but doesn’t shed much light onto the conversion driving touchpoints. Enhance your attribution model as much as desired by incorporating different elements without compromising transparency on either publishers’ or advertisers’ side.

  • There are several actions that could trigger this block including submitting a certain word or phrase, a SQL command or malformed data.
  • You need to find out what works, what doesn’t, what channels bring sales and what exact path people follow to make a purchase.
  • Piwik PRO teamed up with Lennart Ruigrok from Performance Marketing Agency Booming, based in Amsterdam, to find solutions to burning issues regarding attribution in affiliate marketing.
  • For example, the Last Interaction model in Analytics assigns 100% credit to the final touchpoints (i.e., clicks) that immediately precede sales or conversions.
  • The tracking of the network in turn provides information, for example how many clicks or sales were generated via the respective advertising material.

On the other hand, possibly the publisher websites bring you new traffic and arguably incremental sales. Think of discount sites such as, or Finally, you need precise data to verify the affiliate commissions or attribution that external platforms provide. As an advertiser, you need to act fast and get the right data on the spot to make decisions about your budget. Typically, when you rely on affiliates you face numerous hurdles.

Real Attribution Models

From the advertiser’s point of view it’s essential, as they wouldn’t have cheap last clicks on their brand name if google.shoppers wasn’t there at the beginning. You report the sales now because your brand appears on these websites that have thousands of visitors a day. These visitors are ready to buy a product but weren’t necessarily thinking about your specific brand.

affiliate attribution model

An attribution model that combines traffic sources from different channels can give the insight required to determine if it is worth running an affiliate strategy. These days, customers find your product through a variety of marketing channels (ad platforms, partnerships, content, organic, etc.). It is important to understand how these affiliate marketing system channels work together in driving conversions. After all, the journey of the converted customer is the one we really care about, the one we want to promote and replicate. To understand this journey, we use multi-channel attribution modeling. The German Otto group, for example, is using a dynamic attribution model for approx.

New Channels, Increased Revenue

Once you know which affiliate campaign gives better results, you no longer have to question where to invest your precious time and money. If you want to dig deeper into this topic, check our guide on how to boost affiliate marketing conversions. If you need a benchmark, an average conversion rate in the affiliate marketing industry ranges from 0.5% to 1%.

How are affiliates rewarded for their conversions?

Namely, you compare in Google Ads your brand with non-brand clicks. When you look at non-brand, be it analytics software, analytics tools, analytics platform, etc. they’re usually more expensive. Additionally, since many actors participate in the process, it’s most likely that each of them uses diverse tools and software which will interpret channel performance differently. We can see that first touchpoint in this case was the influencer campaign. And the last event before the conversion happened was just an organic search.